Frequently asked questions


You can see the major signs of aging/damage just by looking at the shingles. Missing, cracked, curling shingles, dark patches “Dirty looking”, or shiny/white coloration from granular loss exposing the fiberglass are the most noticeable at first glance. Another sign most homeowners don’t think of is high energy cost due to improper ventilation from the attic space.

We handle all leaks on a case by case basis and educate the homeowner on their options. Every house is different – some leaks has be repaired to avoid a full replacement, where other leaks can reek havoc on a roof and need to address immediately.

Roof life can range from 10-40 years depending on the type of shingle installed. Factors such as hail, wind, trees, and/or animals can impact the lifetime of your roof.

Just like cars there is a perfect roof for everyone. What is most important to you the homeowner; longevity, style, impact resistant, just needing to resell home, or does it only come down to the dollar? Research is everything when it comes the company who installs as well as research on the manufacturer who creates the shingles. Good – Better – Best options are presented at each appointment with each homeowners priorities in mind. ​

There is no flat number cost. All roofs are priced based off of size, amount of hours and material chosen.

While some of our team members are not fluent in English we ensure that the project manager overseeing the installation is fluent in English. We strive for clear communication between our installers and the homeowner.

There are currently no attainable roofing license in the state of Texas. We do hold a $2 million general liability insurance and workers comp.


We are fully trained and registered to sell the top 4: CertainTeed, GAF, Owens Corning and IKO.

Yes! We also work with the manufacturers to get homeowners military rebate gift card.