Choose a Roofing Material That Will Last

We provide commercial roof installation services in San Antonio and Houston, TX

Searching for a durable roofing material? Resolution Roofing can help. We provide modified bitumen roof installation services in Houston and San Antonio, TX.

Many business owners choose to install modified bitumen roofs because they are:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Low-maintenance
  • Extremely durable
Protect your facility for years to come with a top-quality roof. Call 832-421-7663 (Houston) or 210-300-0032 (San Antonio) today to arrange for commercial roof installation services.

What makes modified bitumen roofs so durable?

Creating a bitumen roof involves adding polymers to a low slope asphalt roof system. This process makes the roof sturdier and allows it to remain flexible in a wide range of temperatures.

The two most common chemical agents used to modify the asphalt are atactic polypropylene and styrene butadiene styrene. Modified bitumen roofing offers a high-performance solution for commercial spaces.

Give your commercial property an upgrade with a new modified bitumen roof. Contact Resolution Roofing today to schedule commercial roof installation services in San Antonio or Houston, TX.